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If you travel to Asia on your holiday, you know that just like the colorful, busy Asian markets, temples will be on your itinerary. The rich cultural heritage of Asia’s religions means any tour you take in Asian countries will take you to temples! temples! temples!

Light Chaser wants to make your travel easier by providing resources created with our shared love for finding delight in our world.

How many ways can you photograph a temple? We lovingly put together a mini Light Chaser Guide that applies the idea of a shot list to your tour of Asia’s temples. A shot list helps travel photographers create the many beautiful ways to create a sense of place, wherever they go.

Now you can enjoy the ease of creating awesome shots of the temples on your Asian itinerary and create photos that tell stories!

We know that every minute of your holiday is precious, and you’d like to spend that time enjoying the beautiful sights, eating gorgeous food, relaxing.

We know that the essence of travel is freedom.

And that’s why we did the research for you, so that you can enjoy all the awesome experiences of your itinerary without having to pore over countless pages of advice!

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We are cooking up more Guides in our moveable kitchen, lovingly kneading and baking text and seasoning with photos. We look forward to sharing our stories and photos with you.

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