Light Chaser Life ARCHIVES

Last updated 12 March 2019

DESTINATIONS – What to See, Do, Eat, Experience

The surprise of Bali

Four Hours in Kobe

A first glimpse of Bhutan

Finding the coast in Croatia: Dugi Otok and Kornati

Peace on earth in Luang Prabang, Laos

In quest for the best duck in town

The space you’ve never been

Fuzion Café in Ubud, Bali

Photographing Galungan Festival in Bali

Beyond selfies at Lampungan

A little bit about rice

The funny thing about MSG

Bali wrap-up from the Hedonist and the Philosopher: The stomach the soul and the heart

Eating Bali: A roundup of our favorite restaurants

S words from Bangkok

In favor of umbrellas in Myanmar

A beautiful longing: Notes from Myanmar

12 hours in Ayuddhya, Thailand

10 reasons to visit Bhutan in the spring

Guimaras Island Highlights from a motorbike tour

The Hedonist’s guide to a dozen of Zagreb’s best

The Hedonist In between islands: Croatian Coast 8 Days Sail

The Hedonist In Between Islands: Peljesac Peninsula on the Croatian Coast

Postcards from a weekend in Bled, Slovenia

In praise of the awesome Thai chili

Then and now: Koh Chang 18 years later

Extraordinary Magic on Siquijor Island, Philippines

iPhoneography gallery: A day in Hum, Motovun and Groznjan, Croatia

Photo Gallery: Waiting for Vietnam

Disrobing stereotypes at M Butterfly opening night in Dumaguete, Negros Island

Trying the tricycle in the Philippine Archipelago

Mega Guide: 30 lessons from a month adrift in the Philippine Archipelago

Photos: Day trip to the salt farms in Samut Songkhram, Thailand

5 cafés for a caffeine fix in Makati, Metro Manila


Deconstructing Bronte in Batanes, Philippines

IN BETWEEN ISLANDS: A sense of awe in Panay Island, Philippines

IN BETWEEN ISLANDS: Two-day street party at the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City

IN BETWEEN ISLANDS: Pausing in Guimaras Island

Banana, Cocount, Chameleons and Fat Laughing Buddha

Songs of Courage and Second chances on Guimaras Island

An Unkindness of Ravens

Why it’s good to chill and trust serendipity while traveling

Crossing from Bantayan to Virgin Island

IN BETWEEN ISLANDS: Same same but different

Breaking free is not running away

Quiet. Peaceful. Clean. Kind.

The shortest way from Bantayan to Negros Island


A Common Humanity

The persistence of light

Feed your soul

Losing your divinity

What you’re looking for

Keep moving

The photographer in you

A corner of the universe

Take a walk

A painterly autumn day in Zagreb

Sometimes the breaking of a rule

Pushing composition to the edge

People in motion

Photography is about attention

Form and light

Do what you don’t know how to

Message from the universe

21 tips for creating a better photograph when you don’t have a clue

Lessons from dance

10 Clichés a Photographer can believe in

Photography and Rain

Small things you can do that make a big difference in your photos

Taking home the intangibles

How to fool your point and shoot into thinking it’s a DSLR

The secret to Instagrammability starts with packing your camera bag

How to get great photos at a floating market in Thailand

Beginner’s guide to light, photography’s awesome sauce

10 things that will transform photographic composition

Imagining identity in the faceless portrait

Photographing motion: Why you should still use a camera even though your smartphone is boss

How to see the quality of light and make your photos pop with awesomeness

Spice up your travel photography with themes

11 easy ideas for building better photos

Cut the CRAP and start creating

7 Things Steve Jobs gave me

Multiple planes instantly transform your photography

Create photos that tell the story of time

What’s in the frame rules photo composition

TRANS+FORM – Traveling to Wellness

Light worth chasing in Rayong, Thailand

What we learned about relationships through the art of batik

Travel + photography doesn’t fix everything

Staying mindful when you are not on holiday

We travel so we can learn to stay still

On owning your time: Freedom from perceptions

You deserve a break – no excuses

5 signs of creative burnout and 7 ways to avoid it

7 secrets to set yourself free while traveling

The Balance of Being and Doing – a lesson from Bali

Taking a break? Take your mind to the beach

3 ways to help you find more time and space to enjoy life

Getting parkour right: A conversation from Bali

Landscapes of being: Finding the type of destination that suits you perfectly