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Japanese milk bread in Bali

Instant meal: Kamakura Pan's cheesy breads.

In a narrow, residential lane in Sanur, Bali far from the tourist area there is a home baker who makes delicious breads, Japanese style. The bakery is called Kamakura Pan.

A Japanese friend who is in Bali for a few months brought me half of her cheddar loaf one day, and after tasting the bread with whole chunks of cheddar in it, I was pretty much hooked.

Kamakura Pan’s loaves with cheese are my favorite, although they also make other types of bread, including a yomogi bread that features a vegetable called yomogi or Artemisia princeps, which is an Asian plant related to the sunflower family.

Another bread I would recommend from Kamakura Pan is the beef pastrami and cheese loaf. It has generous bits of pastrami and cheese baked into the loaf and can be a delightful and delicious breakfast or snack.

Kamakura Pan takes orders via their Instagram account: @kamakura29. Follow them and enjoy some Japanese style bread in Bali!

Photos: Copyright Kamakura Pan. Follow them on Intagram: @kamakurapan29

Disclaimer: I am not earning any money by recommending this business.

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