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Good pizza somewhere in Bali

Lightchaser craves spicy pizza. Twice.

When I lived in Ubud, I had a couple of months staying in a jungle villa on the way to Tegenungan Waterfall. It was a wonderfully peaceful place, where I was able to write 2 books because it was so quiet.

The only drawbacks of that one-bedroom, modern villa with a kitchen was that it was far from shops and places to eat. When I wanted to buy groceries, I had to walk about an hour toward Ubud centre one way. Most of the time, I cooked, simply because it was more flexible for someone who wanted to spend most of the day writing. 

For about 10 days when I stayed in that jungle place, the unit I shared a pool with was occupied by a writer who had lived in New York, and she and I decided that we would socialize one evening, and decided to order pizza. 

The best pizza place in Ubud is Mamma Mia, from which another neighbour and I had ordered at least twice through Grabfood. Mamma Mia was closed that day I socialized with the writer, so we ordered from some other place.

Apparently I don’t remember the name of the place where the writer and I ordered the pizza. We had visions of New York style (my neighbour) and Italian style (me), but the unremarkable pizza that ultimately came was only consumed because we were both hungry and didn’t want to make omelettes.

With the lockdown since April 13th, I’ve mostly cooked but sometimes I get caught up in writing and lose track of time until I am already super hungry, so I sometimes order breakfasts from Gofood or Grabfood to be delivered to where I’m staying. Sometimes, I write until evening and have to order dinner, too.

And I’ve ordered pizza when the craving hits.

This is a comparison of the spicy salami pizza of two pizza places you can order through Gofood or Grabfood in Bali. The first pizza place is Trattoria Sanur (there are other branches in Amed, Ubud, and Canggu). The second is The Afterwork Grill and Chill in Sanur.

Trattoria Sanur’s salsiccia pizza

Price published online: IDR 79,000

A friend of mine who orders pizza regularly for his dinner recommended this place to me as ‘the best pizza in the area.’ A week after my friend mentioned it, I ordered it for dinner and it did not disappoint. It was a thin crust with a base of tomato paste, generous mozzarella and high quality spicy salami. Bites would surprise with pepper flakes that ignited in little bursts in the mouth. It was delicious. 

About two weeks later, I was craving the same pizza again, and I called the order in. Unfortunately, when the driver who was designated to pick up my order from the restaurant arrived at the restaurant, I got a call that informed me the price had changed. 

Now, to someone who is willing to pay for delivery, a price increase of some 25,000 IRD (about U$1.87) isn’t going to break the bank. The thing is, having the price change in the middle of a transaction when a customer had ordered at a different, lower price kind of means that the customer is somewhat forced to accept the new price. 

I didn’t like to do business that way.

So I canceled the order and looked for another promising pizza source. And that’s how I found…

The Afterwork Grill and Chill’s salsiccia pizza

Price published online: IDR 68,750

Afterwork had a salsiccia pizza of the same size, which I ordered. It is a pizza base, of thin crust that was slightly uneven toward the edges. Also, some of the edges had slightly burnt crust. The tomato base tasted good. The spicy salami was high quality. The mozzarella was generous. And this pizza also had pepper flakes that burst in the mouth.

The noticeable difference in Afterwork’s salsiccia pizza is that when I ate the crust that hadn’t been slathered with tomato paste or smothered with mozzarella, the crust had an oily aftertaste that was pronounced. Also, the salami slices were larger in diameter and numbered less overall.

For the price, though, Afterwork costs less and they didn’t change the price on me in the middle of the transaction.

Would I recommend these two places? I would. As long as the prices published on the platform (Gofood or Grabfood) remain true, I would order pizza from these places.

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