Inspiration TRANS+FORM

Imagine Yourself Free.

Our new book is a manifesto for a future that you can live now through a life of travel.

We haven’t disappeared. We have been busy these past months creating a book.

In between islands, Light Chaser and Antun have collaborated on a manifesto for personal freedom. The result of this collaboration is an ebook called Imagine Yourself Free, now available on Amazon.

Why we created this book

Like the authors, people want more out of their life experiences. We all want to find meaning in what we do. During times of doubt and desolation, when it seems our spirits are running on fumes, and we seek inner resourcefulness, what we want is to feel free, to seek something beyond the limits of a current state.

From the description of our book:

We want to be optimistic, resourceful, and confident. Yet, we are bound to time. We are bound to 9-5 jobs and rules that inhibit some of our individual freedoms. Perhaps, our existence leaves us indifferent and constrained. Perhaps we are at the edge of chasing after a life in which we exchange our freedoms and time for an occupation that leaves our souls dried up and craving for some room to move. Maybe we are thinking, I can live later, when I’m done with this work. In the backs of our minds we may have a nagging feeling that later is always going to be there, waiting for us to decide to freely live. 

In this book, Antun and Light Chaser dig “deep within themselves to give themselves permission to break free from the shackles of a soul-sucking existence, to emerge masters of their own lives. And, they’ve done this through the liberating philosophy of travel.”

Our hope for this book is that through the stories of travellers we might help people to “reflect on their own desires to untether the soul from the conventional ways of using time and mental resources. We want you to take life into your own hands and experience it on your own terms.”

Imagine Yourself Free is a manifesto for a future that you can live now through a life of travel.

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