The 100th Blog Post!

We write about the 'story within the story'

Since Light Chaser Life was born on December 11, 2018, the writers have posted 99 articles about TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY, and our series of living in an archipelago called IN BETWEEN ISLANDS.

We publish destination pieces, photography galleries, and reflective articles from the contemplation that we do around our travel and photography experiences.

Between the two writers, we share a spreadsheet of what we produce, to guide us in writing and illustrating content that might help provoke different ways of looking at travel.

Looking at what we’ve written so far, there are a few things we’ve learned about ourselves, what we want to share, and the direction this blog is taking as it organically reflects our lives’ journeys.

Light Chaser and Antun Miron both realize that we’ve also been writing about what we call ‘the story within the story,’ which for this blog is about the flourishing of life. We can also call it wellbeing, defined by MacIntyre as “being well and doing well at being well.”

We travel and create to find ourselves, our zones of strength, and in that process, transform our lives.

We believe in a balance between being and doing to create lives that are flourishing.

After 99 blog posts, we realize that our goal really is to nurture this balance of being and doing in our lives and the lives of our travel companions – you!

You are our travel companion.

And so we changed our tagline from the generic travel+photos to something more meaningful.

Go and Find Yourself.

Who are we to be inspiring you to Go and find yourself?

Light Chaser is the pseudonym of a newly emancipated traveler. She spent 25 years in a career chasing after an ‘edge’ and upon reaching the pinnacle of that career, she found the edge she walked was the razor edge of burnout. A big believer in the resilience of humans and the cathartic, reflective quality of mindful travel, Light Chaser broke free from bondage to time structures in her forties. She is in the process of healing from the heartbreak and brain drain of the last decade and pursuing the quest of healing from the effects of chronic and unrelenting stress. Light Chaser believes that humans can intentionally gain the awareness, skills, flexibility, interdependence and efficacy to live life in their own terms even after reaching a point of feeling dead inside. Her quest is to create ways of being and doing that apply current research into how people can alter their brains through healing, contemplative practices.

Antun Miron is a largely unknown, self-employed writer who has juggled a 9 to 5 existence and a side gig of ghostwriting content for a few websites. Antun was busy working 18-hour days and in his own words, “have always separated enjoyment from work. I was a robot while I was working, and only when I took breaks outside work that I became myself.” In 2016, at the age of 40, he lost a mentor who was like a father to him. Plunging into depression, Antun began to write 1000 words a day to help him with his loss. The number of words he wrote began to increase daily until he was able to finish a 95,000-word story in 30 days. That summer, he found that he likes writing creatively and published his first novel Superficial in 2017. “It’s not very good,” Antun says with a chuckle about his first novel, “but what I found out about learning to write was priceless.” With his newfound love for creative writing, Antun is on a quest to learn how to improve his writing.

So that’s us.

This blog reflects our search for places and spaces that allow us to be fully alive.

We are trying, like so many others, to live more fully, to live with joy in a world that sometimes forgets to pause and contemplate.

We want to share travel stories that feature the human endeavor of finding the balance between being and doing.

There are so many great blogs that tell us how to get to places, where to stay, what to eat and things to do, and how to do these on different budgets.

This blog shares the places we go, the things we eat and do, and sometimes we will mention how much it costs. That’s all part of travel. We also share illustrations of our travels with photos and sometimes, how those photos are created.

And what we hope is to be able to dig deep and share those ‘stories within the stories’ – the inspiration and freedom that we move toward in our travels.

Our travels take us not only to beautiful, delightful places in the world, but to spaces within ourselves where we allow transformation and support identity to flourish.

We hope you continue to be our companion in this journey.

We hope that you too, will Go and Find Yourself.

Here’s What You Can Do Now.

Check out the Archives – now that we’ve hit the 100th post, we want to help you find what you might be looking for from our writing

We are reorganizing the menu of our blog to reflect the themes we write about.

  • TRANS+FORM – the WELLNESS articles that support our mission for finding identity and wellbeing in our travel experiences
  • IN BETWEEN ISLANDS – our special series of island hopping in different archipelagos

There will be some crossover of these themes, but that’s how life is!

Life is a web of connectedness in being and doing.

  • Subscribe to the blog – We want to share resources as they are created with you. We are lovingly working on sharing our research on wellbeing and ways to create freedom in your travels. We’d like you to be the first to know when these resources are available.

We hope that as we continue to share the ‘story within the story,’ that you continue to find something that resonates with you, and helps you Go and Find Yourself.

Traveling in peace and friendship,
Light Chaser and Antun Miron


    1. Hi Ben! Thanks, we’re really excited about it and hope to bring lots more, especially what to do in the places we visit!


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