Inspiration Photography

A painterly autumn day in Zagreb

You can transfer a technique you've learned to a new situation.

I took a walk from where I lived on Jurjevska ulica, down the touristy Tkalciceva Street with its bright cafes and trendy restaurants, all the way down Medvedgradska. Crossed the street at the small square, past the tram station at Medvescak. Trudged up the hill toward Mirogoj.


I didn’t know these names then, except for the street where I lived. I just followed the foliage, fallen on the sidewalks and up, up the hill. 


I chanced upon a small park in front of the Mirogoj entrance and there it was, a clump of trees begging to become a painting.

I set the 5DMkii to the lowest ISO it would go, 100. In Aperture priority mode (which a friend once called the lazy guy’s Manual mode) I dialed a very small aperture, so the shutter speed slowed way down.

Pointing the lens at the small forest, I slowly panned up and down, holding the shutter. Two passes and clicked.

You can transfer a technique like panning to still objects. The motion blur created by the slow shutter gives you streaks, much like brush strokes. I love this image for the poetry it gave me, that day I took a long walk in Zagreb.


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