Inspiration Photography

The photographer in you

Light distracts the image maker.

You can live your life and notice images even when you aren’t someplace intending to photograph it.

For years, I’d not touched my camera. It sat in the closet, quiet, the battery slowly dying, empty CF cards (this was the giant Canon 5D Mkii the past few years).

Even if I didn’t have my camera with me, I would notice things that might make an interesting image. Like this shot, made with the iPhone 5 through a hotel window with the blinds down, quickly captured when a passerby walked and created a mystery in the shadows.

Even when we don’t have the intention to create images, coming across moments that compel us to pull out our phones and compose an image remind us that there is a part of ourselves which clamors for expression. 

You can leave the camera at home, but you’ll always carry that image maker around in your heart.

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