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When we travel, we glimpse our own self.

Travelling, they say, is going far away to find yourself. This is a cliche, perhaps. It could also be a simple truth.

When I travelled to Nepal to look for light, I found a tapestry of humanity. This shot, sniper style with a 70-200mm lens on a Nikon D3 was an image of vulnerability in this rickshaw driver on Durbar Square in the early morning.

When we travel, we glimpse our own vulnerabilities. We find that we must rise to meet the new ways of being and doing that are part of the culture hosting us. 

And it’s OK. It’s OK to be vulnerable when we don’t know, when we don’t understand. As long as we try to meet that knowledge with compassion, perseverance and trust that our common humanity will bring us closer to its truth.

What we find when we travel isn’t only the new and the exciting but it is also the wisdom of being ourselves and striving to meet the new self when we are open to transformation.

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