Inspiration Photography

Keep moving

The fun of photography is when you're always learning.

A great thing about photography is that you’re always learning something new, so you keep moving.

When I learned to use the panning technique–which is how to use shutter speed to capture the motion of something by limiting the amount of light that entered the camera aperture and creating a motion blur of the background by focusing on the moving object, and following it by panning the camera before pressing the shutter– it was early morning but there was already too much light.

Usually, panning works best when there is little light, say at dawn or evening. 

But I was eager to practice the new skill, so practice it I did when these two Vietnamese girls in traditional ao dai dress biked passed where my group were standing.

And it is one of my favorite images because it is something I learned.

The fun of photography isn’t in producing perfect image after perfect image. The fun is really in learning how to master a technique, to get the image you had in your head before you captured it.

Keep moving. Keep learning. Have fun.


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