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Feed your soul

If your art feeds your soul, who can tell you not to live?

In his Symposium, Plato talks about love as a ladder or stairs. We climb it to some height.

A characteristic of love is of devotion. When we are not in the presence of the beloved, we may feel halved. Not quite our self.

Plato in his discourse about love didn’t just speak about love between lovers. He also spoke about the love for what we do. Often this passion makes us meticulous, thorough, craftsmanlike. And we do something that touches some other consciousness, some other life. Even when the impact is simply the flow of creativity, we have experienced love in that moment.

Some people think that making harmony out of ordinary things we notice is a waste of time. 

Here’s what I think: if we suppress this sort of love, we fail to honor the evolution we’ve reached. No other species on earth has a love that thrives on aesthetic expression. As Sir Ken Robinson reminds us in his TED talk, “It is in the aesthetic experience that we are fully alive.”

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