Inspiration Travel

A common humanity

Images we capture are mirrors of who we are.

In 2007, I flew a total of 87,000 air miles to several countries. That was one of the best years for so many reasons. First, I had the total freedom to go somewhere every weekend and every work holiday with my camera and lenses to chase light from dawn to dusk.

The last trip of 2007 found me in the Northern part of India, in Bikaner to be exact, at the camel market. This young girl was with her family trying to sell camels. Curious, she came close for this portrait, bringing her shawl to cover her smile before the image was captured.

There is a confidence in her gaze at the camera, and dignity in her bearing. When I think of the many benefits of traveling to chase the light, I often recall moments like this, when the photographer is reminded powerfully of our common humanity. We don’t speak the same language; we don’t possess the same customs and beliefs. 

But the recognition of a person’s dignity and pride in who they are is something that a simple portrait can illuminate.

And that’s why we travel chasing light. The images we capture are mirrors of who we are.


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